Alessandro Mirri works in the embedded field from more than ten years. He actively supports its clients helping them to identify the best technology for their needs and guiding them in the development of their products from the drafting of the specifications to the engineering of the product. After perfecting his programming skills developing embedded landing systems for general aviation aircraft , he has participated in several projects included in the navigation field of the Italian Space Agency, projects launched to support the entry into service of the Galileo system . In 2009 he followed the master’s degree in Human Resources Management at HKE Consulting (Mo) and since 2010 he is professor of project management both within the organization and for public and private clients . ¬† He has been a university lecturer in contract as well as the scientific coordinator of the Laboratory of High Technology Network of Emilia Romagna LAASIM. He is currently a contract researcher for the Center for Industrial Research at the University of Bologna for the ICT sector. Since 2003 Alessandro acts as technical manager for the certified flight simulator ALSIM AL-200 MCC operated by ISAERS at the Forl√¨ Airport facility and from 2013 he is also the technical manager of the ENTROL EC135 helicopter simulator operated by the Cavallino Rampante national flight school in Lugo (Ravenna – Italy) Since 2005 he is a member of Newtohm srl for which he supervised the development and engineering of the product line . Embedded Specialist is the brand under which he operates and which embodies the idea of product development that has always driven him: perfect firmware embedded in innovative hardware.


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